suit insulating, thermostable “Strelec KIO” TASK

Colour: Yellow, Orange, blue
Manufacturer: RosKomplekt

In accordance with TR TC 019/2011

In accordance with the GOST 53264-2009

protection class 6

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Basic reusable gas-tight suit , open jumpsuit with gas-tight chemical-resistant sealed zipper, boots, acid resistant gloves, vest with panoramic safety glass.
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Suits insulating gas and chemical protection “Strelec KIO” TASK

Basic reusable gas-tight suit , open type, with a vest, with gas-tight chemical-resistant sealed zipper, with glued boots, acid resistant gloves.

Designed to protect against poisoning substances (emergency- chemically hazardous substances) in liquid and gaseous form personnel firefighters, gas rescue services and technology departments in conducting rescue and gas hazardous work in hazardous industrial sites. Breathing apparatus with compressed air, (sold separately) He puts on a suit. On top to protect the breathing apparatus worn vest.


  1. Highest level of protection: time-tested (Sagittarius costumes are made 2004 of the year), reliable, universal.
  2. Suit compliance with technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 019/2011 "On the security of personal protective equipment" and GOST.
  3. Insulating costume made of a unique material with rubberized. The material is specially designed and manufactured only for the company Roskomplekt.
  4. Fully sealed gas-tight, applying chemical-resistant sealed zipper: resistant to mechanical damage (excesses, fracture), pressure-resistant 700 mbar.
  5. specially developed technique for gluing joints is not used in the world production of gas-tight suit-increased reliability, save time pressure during the leak test, resistance to outgassing
  6. Overall with hood and obturation open type - contained breathing apparatus is placed outside the suit..
  7. FACE SEAL – anatomic shape with a recess under the chin, 100% fit of the mask to the face.
  8. Vest with impact-resistant glass viewing - protection breathing apparatus cylinders by flow coating chemicals.
  9. Boots with metal toe, glued to ensure complete tightness of the suit..
  10. Various mounting gloves: by means of rings, clamp, or with a bayonet quick release mounting system gloves.
  11. A suit for a comfortable set: soft knee, in the elbows Amplifiers, vertical stabilization system.
  12. For transportation and storage of the suit provided Bag. Bag made of a strong material with comfortable handles.
  13. insulating suit “Strelec KIO” TASK used in combination with breathing apparatus with compressed air from any vendor.
  14. Temperature mode of use: from -50 ° C to +70 °C
  15. Resistance to temperature +150 ° C not less than 5 minutes, resistance to open flame and to contact with the heated up 400 ° C a solid surface – no less 5 seconds.
  16. residual combustion time, final disruption – no more 0 seconds (self-extinguishing).
  17. The warranty period of free service 1 year. Service maintenance is carried out throughout the service life
  18. Term usage and storage 11 years old.


Suit “Strelec KIO” TACK is designed to work:

  • in the chemical and petroleum industry, water utilities as well as in all cases, when there is a threat to the implementation of measures to transfer the equipment in a safe operating mode, stop the production process at a production facility hazardous environment polluted conditions using PPE;
  • Execution of works on localization and liquidation of consequences of the accident and emergency, associated with the depressurization systems, equipment, emissions into the environment of dangerous chemical substances;
  • conducting chemical investigation of the situation in the disaster area;
  • to decontaminate the area of ​​chemical contamination.
aggressive mediaprotective action when in contact with aggressive media min.
Sulphuric acid 93.6%490
Solyanaya acid 36,6%490
sodium hydroxide 50%490
Oil, petroleum products490
corrosive gases
High temperaturesTime of protective action
Resistance to ambient temperature +150 °C5 minutes
Resistance to flames5 seconds
Resistance to contact with the heated 400 ° C surface 5 seconds


costume options:

  1. “Strelec KIO” TASK – vest, boots, gastight chemically resistant zipper, gloves.
  2. “Strelec KIO” TASK – vest, boots, gastight chemically resistant zipper, bayonet-fixing system gloves.
  3. “Strelec KIO” TASK – vest, boots, gastight chemically resistant zipper, ventiyaltsii system podkostyumnoe space.
  4. “Strelec KIO” TASK – vest, boots, gastight chemically resistant zipper, bayonet-fixing system gloves, ventilation system in space podkostyumnoe.

THAT “Strelec KIO” TASK comes with the following accessories:

bag packing1
Overall with vklennymi boots 1
Vest with stitched compartment for breathing apparatus1
vertical stabilization system1
rem. kit (Zaplatki, Glue)1
gloves Acid1 couple
Gloves x / b1 couple
Rubber sealing rings4
Passport and a manual in the product1
Silicone sealant1
Grease lightning1
with optional equipment bayonet gloves2
with optional equipment blower system in space podkostyumnoe1

In addition to the obligatory equipment, under the additional agreement between manufacturer and user, allowed the delivery of individual components of the product instead of the failed, additional and replacement products (ZIP) in the composition and amounts, agreed with the customer, the following items:

Repair insulating suit (replacement obturation, sight glass, zipper replacement) carried out on the manufacturer's premises


a photo


bayonet catch

Podduva podkostyumnoe system in space

The ventilation system in the space podkostyumnoe

rem set

rem set (Glue + zaplatki) ring and clip for attaching gloves, screwdriver, grease for lightning, silicone sealant for sealing connections gloves

chemical protection suit

insulating costume






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