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Costumes insulating gas and chemical protection series "Sagittarius"

certificates TR CU 019/2011 and TASK

Costumes insulating gas and chemical protection series "Archer" company Rooskomplekt, it is proven to protect human from APB (emergency and hazardous chemicals) and SDYAV (highly potent toxic substances)

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Personal protective equipment (YOU)

PPE worker used to prevent or reduce harmful and hazardous, as well as for protection against pollution. Apply in cases, when operational safety can not be ensured construction equipment, organization of production processes, Design solutions and means of collective protection.

chemical protection suits, insulating himkostyum

chemical protection suits - It is a set of personal protective skin, reliably protects the human body from poisoning substances factors (SDYAV) in the chemical and petroleum industry.

It is used in cases:

  • in carrying out measures to put the equipment in a safe operating mode, stop the production process at a production facility hazardous environment polluted conditions using PPE;
  • Execution of works on localization and liquidation of consequences of the accident and emergency, associated with the depressurization systems, equipment, emissions into the environment of dangerous chemical substances;
  • conducting chemical investigation of the situation in the disaster area;to decontaminate the area of ​​chemical contamination, arising from the carriage of dangerous goods on ships, railway, automotive, air transport, in areas of warehousing and cargo handling in the housing sector; soldiers at work in conditions of severe contamination by chemical and biological agents.
  • also for locksmiths and plumbers Housing, are engaged in cleaning of sewers and drains.